Los Hornillos

Capital of Ecotourism

Dream Landscape

A small village in the Traslasierra Valley, it offers incredible landscapes of mountains, fresh air and renewing energy. It has about 1,300 inhabitants who speak of mountains, the energy that is breathed in the middle of the forests and the paths that make it the Capital of Ecotourism.

14 route leads to Los Hornillos, and these are some distances to:

Nono 13 km.

Mina Clavero 17 km

Dique "La Viña" 12 km

Villa de Las Rosas 14 km

Villa Dolores 27 km.

Córdoba 164 km

Buenos Aires 830 km.

Río Cuarto 260 km

Mendoza 460 km.

Rosario 700 km

Trails in heigh

Trekking is the activity par excellence in Los Hornillos, a village characterized by its height: 1,100 meters above sea level.Ideal for photographic safaris accompanied by guides of the place.The walks are planned for different levels of demand, A greater challenge may be to reach La Ventana Hill, which is 2,450 meters high in a journey that will take about 12 hours, between going up and down.To enter the forest of tobacco is to enter one of the three places of the world with this microclimate.

Other Activities

The communal spa has facilities and services to spend the day, and a large swimming pool nestled at the foot of the mountains, fed with water from the stream that descends directly from the mountain.

From this place you can take walks on different paths, enjoying the placidness of the surroundings, bordering streams, waterfalls and contemplating native species of flora and fauna.